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The 3-Star Hotel Gold Stays located in the heart of the historic city Alibag is a fashionable with a chic elegance that attracts all the senses through design, colors, and lighting with striking bold interiors.

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Concept Behind Kokan Places

When you realize that you have a four-day vacation ahead, you instantly start planning for a trip. In this case, the only place that stands before the eyes is the Kokan. Located within a short distance of cities like Mumbai and Pune, the Kokan region is a beautiful dream of nature. It is a beautiful land surrounded by many sightseeing beaches, ranges of sahyadri, lush green forests, history-rich forts, caves, temples, hill stations, waterfalls & many other landmarks. As a result of the holiday, the steps of the tourists automatically turn to Kokan. However, if you plan your vacation properly, this trip to Kokan can be truly enjoyable. Recognizing this need for tourists, we have introduced

Founded in 2016 is a one-stop travel assistance website that ensures safe, trustworthy and reliable travel. It lists the best suitable restaurants, hotels, cottages, holiday homes, bungalows, motels, villas and travel services. Simply, it’s a perfect online destination to reach before you travel to any destination in Kokan. Kokanplaces is spreading faster across the region of Kokan. Kokanplaces has established its identity as a reliable source of information with verified facts and visuals. Our statistics show that our website visitors visit Kokanplaces often for verified and genuine service.

We take pride in encouraging the best quality tourism businesses with transparent business ethics to make their identity on the World Wide Web. However, due to a lack of knowledge or time, many businesses fail to do so. Kokanplaces was born with this requirement. Today, Kokanplaces stands to be only the Kokan region travel assistant website on the internet that delivers genuine information, verified with facts and travel assistance. While you can get information about various tourist destinations in Kokan on Kokan Places, you will also know where to stay when visiting these tourist destinations, so that your Kokan journey will be truly successful.

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